TROD’ANGINE® is distributed in French pharmacies by:

Box contents

A box contains everything to perform 25 tests. The box contains:




Sterile swabs


Extraction tubes


Tube holder


Tongue depressors


Instruction for use


Bottle of reagent A


Bottle of reagent B



TROD’ANGINE® vs Culture

TROD’ANGINE® has been evaluated with specimens obtained from patients with culture-confirmed symptoms of Streptococcus A pharyngitis.

Sensitivity: 92.3% (82.2% – 97.1%)*
*Confidence interval: 95%

TROD’ANGINE® vs Reference test

TROD’ANGINE® has been evaluated with specimens obtained from patients without symptoms versus a screening test as reference.

Specificity: 96.4% (90.6% – 98.8%)*
*Confidence interval: 95%

Studies in medical offices:

3 sites

Same panel

96% correlation

Studies were conducted in 3 general practitioner’s offices. Practice staff, with varying degrees of educational knowledge, carried out the test. Each site tested a panel of 20 negatives, 20 positives and 20 average positives. The results obtained showed a 96% correlation with the expected results.

The detection limit of the test is approximately 105  bacteria/mL.


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Who are we?

AAZ is a French manufacturer that has designed, certified and launched the first HIV self-test (autotest VIH®) in France and throughout Europe. autotest VIH® is now available in tens of thousands of pharmacies in 17 European countries.
autotest VIH® was awarded the Prix Galien France in 2016 and the Prix Galien International (considered as a Nobel Prize in Pharmaceutical Research) in December 2018.

In 2019, AAZ launched the 2nd generation of autotest GLUTEN®, the first self-test for gluten intolerance that follows the recommendations of French and European health authorities.

Specialized in the design and manufacture of diagnostic tests for more than 10 years, AAZ, in partnership with distributors, now offers TROD’ANGINE®, the first of rapid test to be performed by the pharmacist in their pharmacies.



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